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VR Masters is a team that consists of spatial computing engineers, artificial intelligence developers, computer vision experts and talented 3D/visual effects artists.

We believe in the power of the convergence of technologies. We create digital twins of both indoor and outdoor spaces, and we provide the most accurate spatial intelligence visualization solutions.

We Provide Solutions For Your Brand

Augmented Reality

Utilize this new 3-dimensional interface to transport your imagination by creating a mediated reality for your users.

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Virtual Reality

Create a memorable and a fully immersive environment, gamify your message and deliver it to customers around the globe.

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VR Room

Use VR technology to host immersive fairs, meetings, gatherings and trainings in any imaginable digital environment.

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360 Video Production

Offer your customers affordable VR content through spherical videos, enhanced with computer generated imagery.

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360 Live Streaming

Expand venues beyond physical space! Let your audience have an immersive experience of your events from anywhere in the world.

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Featured Projects

  • VRM worked with IBM to develop Hololens App for Q Radar Pulse

    IBM & VRM teams worked together to develop a Hololens version of IBM® QRadar® Pulse Security Solution’s 3D Globe Screen.

    IBM Security Summit 2019 took place today in Istanbul at the prestiguos Seed Activity Center located in Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum. The beautiful venue which is located right by the Bosphorus hosted over 300 distinguished guests.

    VR Masters attended the event to exhibit the IBM QRadar Pulse HoloLens Application, which received substantial attention.

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  • VRM develops content for Microsoft Tech Center in Istanbul

    VR Masters started to develop content for Microsoft Technology Center in Istanbul !

    VR-Masters works with MTC Istanbul to develop content on Hololens for customers to experience latest Augmented Reality & Spatial Computing technologies. MTC visitors are experiencing VR Masters’s Holo DashRoom BI & Analytics and Holo Cognitive solutions, both of which are powered by Microsoft’s Azure solutions.

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  • AR manufacturing & After Sales Solutions Demo

    This demo provides a one-for-all approach for our On Asset AR Mixed Reality Manufacturing and Headset AR After Sales Solutions.

    The solutions showcased are below:

    On Asset Holographic (sensor based real time) Data Visualization Solutions: Field team members monitor the assets more effectively and with less human based errors utilizing our tabler or headset AR solutions

    On Asset Holographic Self Assist Solutions: AR Maintenance and AR Personnel Training along with on the job self assistance solutions help minimize training costs and human based errors.

    On Asset Condition Based Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance Solutions: The alert created by the “Condition based Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance System” that is currently in place is visualized holographically to assist the field team with on time maintenance before the predicted failure takes place.

    Spatial Remote Assist Solution: Our Headset Remote Assist solutions help the organizations for their After Sales Support Services by minimizing travel costs and expert time spent.

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