Our Vision

VR Masters is a team that consists of spatial computing engineers, artificial intelligence developers, computer vision experts and talented 3D/visual effects artists.

We believe we are at the most exciting times of the known human history! We are about the experience yet another industrial revolution as technologies converge to create a new era, where there will be no 2-dimensional screens and instead, the world around us and everything in it including people, objects and animals will become the canvas for 3-dimensional content. We will visualize the content utilizing our mixed reality headsets (or contact lenses) powered with state-of-the art AI sensors for computer vision and spatial computing abilities.

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We Provide state Augmented Solutions!

Marketing & Sales

Utilize this new spatial interface to communicate with your customers by utilizing the real world as the canvas for your imagination.

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Spatial BI & Analytics

View and share your 3-dimensional reports superimposed onto your reality, while you are still totally engaged with the outside world!

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Manufacturing & After Sales

Implementing Augmented Manufacturing and After Sales processes increases efficiency due to lower training times, reduced error rates and expert travel costs.

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Field Asset Management

On-Asset and On-Digital Twin field asset monitoring and maintenance solutions reduce down times and increases efficiency.

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Cool Web 3.0 Apps

Create engaging and unique apps to create memorable and fun experiences for your customers, teams and partners!

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Featured Projects

  • VRM worked with IBM to develop Hololens App for Q Radar Pulse

    IBM & VRM teams worked together to develop a Hololens version of IBM® QRadar® Pulse Security Solution’s 3D Globe Screen.

    IBM Security Summit 2019 took place today in Istanbul at the prestiguos Seed Activity Center located in Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum. The beautiful venue which is located right by the Bosphorus hosted over 300 distinguished guests.

    VR Masters attended the event to exhibit the IBM QRadar Pulse HoloLens Application, which received substantial attention.

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  • VRM develops content for Microsoft Tech Center in Istanbul

    VR Masters started to develop content for Microsoft Technology Center in Istanbul !

    VR-Masters works with MTC Istanbul to develop content on Hololens for customers to experience latest Augmented Reality & Spatial Computing technologies. MTC visitors are experiencing VR Masters’s Holo DashRoom BI & Analytics and Holo Cognitive solutions, both of which are powered by Microsoft’s Azure solutions.

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  • VR Masters worked with Ernst & Young to develop a Self Assist Solutiion

    On-Asset Self Assist technology enables the field technician and/or the customer to receive “Holographic On-Asset Self Assist” instructions and specific trainings using a phone, tablet or a headset.

    We worked with Ernst & Young and developed a POC for an industrial refrigeration cabinet manufacturer.

    Demonstration included holographic visualization of the following:

    On the left side of the Cabinet:

    – Next Scheduled Maintenance Date
    – Previous maintenance records
    – 2D instructions manual

    On the right side of the Cabinet:

    – Energy Consumption Graph
    – Carbon Emission Graph
    – Remote Assist Contact Person

    And temperature and humidity information coming from the sensors was superimposed on the shelf spaces.

    The application also showcased a few use cases such as:

    – Exploded Parts use case, where the field team member can receive detailed information about the parts of the asset holographically.

    – Self Training use case, where the field team member can receive “On-Asset” or “On-digital Asset” training for the specific job assigned to him/her.

    – Condition based Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance use case, where the alert created by the system is visualized on the asset and then prescribed steps to handle the maintenance task is provided to the field team member.

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