About Us

VR-Masters is a team that consists of spatial computing engineers, artificial intelligence developers, computer vision experts and talented 3D/visual effects artists..

We believe in the power of the convergence of technologies. We create digital twins of both indoor and outdoor spaces and we provide the most accurate spatial intelligence visualization solutions.

When our state-of-the-art 3D modeling ability is combined with our expertise in XR technologies and our deep understanding of global brands, our solutions create astonishing end-user experiences.

We believe that convergence of Spatial computing, Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence technologies represents the start of the New Ubiquitous Reality Revolution.

This means that the two-dimensional windows interface that was created by Apple Macintosh over 30 years ago is slowly coming to an end.

We believe AR Cloud and Ubiquitous Reality will soon be the replacement of the current Internet.

We have been working on these concepts and new technologies for over three years now. We are very excited about the approaching new wave! We believe organizations in every industry will need to take pro-active steps to survive this upcoming revolution and this is where our solutions come into the picture.

Our founder, Ali C. Hantal has been a pioneer in international education with his 20 years of experience in the field. His first venture Mezun Group, which he co-founded back in 1999, has now become the largest international recruitment and enrollment management company, servicing US, UK and Turkish educational institutions for their recruitment needs in Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and Turkey. He also sits on the executive board of the Higher Education Business Council of Foreign Economic Relations Board (Under the ministry of Economy) of Turkey and he serves as the US Country Representative of the Turkish American Business Association (TABA), which is the US Chamber of Commerce representative in Turkey.