IAU AR Reader

We are proud to announce that Turkey’s first AR&VR hybrid mobile application IAU AR Reader is launched both on Apple App Store and Google Play.

The app, developed for Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) is designed with better aspects of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in mind to offer innovative features to the users.

For instance, an interactive AR brochure is activated when a logo of the university is scanned to superimpose a 3D model of the university’s campus onto the printed material containing the university’s logo.

App users have the option to explore the IAU main campus in 3D or take a 360 VR tour of IAU.

  • No markers required! IAU AR Reader will recognize ANY IAU logo as a marker.
  • Explore the IAU Main Campus in 3D to navigate inside the app via increased reality cards.
  • Take 360 VR tour of the csmous. and
  • Easy to access key information about the university as well as hand picked links to the University Website.


The value that AR technology adds to all kinds of projects is huge and that is even stronger for construction and real estate sectors. Both these markets befedit hugely from 3d digital designs of the products and AR brings this tool to a whole new level.

AR-chitect App offers you the chance to showcase your 3d Models in the most immersive and practical way ever. Simply scan a marker to view, zoom, free roam the model or use a VR Google to experience the immersive tour!

If you wish to give it a try, download the app for your smart phone/tablet, print out the marker below or display it on your screen and just scan it with the app. It’s that simple.

[download id=”9″]

VR-Masters AR Reader

VR-Masters mobile app is live on Google Play now.

Download the app for sample 360 VR videos and AR Reader sample to test and explore VR-Masters AR&VR solutions.

Mezun AR Reader

We are excited to announce that first implementation of our AR Reader Solution is live! The app is built for Mezun Group and ready to be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices.

AR Reader (Where AR stands for Augmented Reality) is a great tool to bring paper to life. As seen on the video, any printed surface (whether it is a printed marker or a brochure or business card etc.) can be defined as a marker and scanned with the app. When scanned, an interface appears on the device screen for the user to interactive.

Brands can bring their websites, 360 Videos, maps or any other digital tools to the fingertips of the user, and with style!