VRM AR Showcase App version 4.0 is ready to download now!

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Applications that are offering hybrid Spatial Computing, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence solutions are becoming a bigger part of our lives everyday now. Whether it’s in games, easing up our daily lives or just for marketing purposes,  convergence of these innovative technologies makes it possible to create efficient, cost effective and unique solutions. For you to test a few of …

Hololens 2′ de ne Yenilik Var?

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24 Şubat 2019 tarihinde Barcelona’da Hololens 2 tanıtıldı. Beklenenden çok daha iyi özelliklere sahip olacağı açıklanan Hololens 2′ ye eklenen yenilikleri CEO’muz Ali Hantal değerlendirdi.

Meet VR-Masters HoloLens Dashroom

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We specialize in Intelligent Augmented Data Visualization solutions and our HoloLens Dashroom application is one of our immersive BI tool, where we work with your team to connect your internal or external data source to convert your office into a fully immersive and interactive dashboard. That is why we name this solution as “Holo DashRoom” Please contact us if you …

Magg4 interviewed VR-Masters on Updates about AR/VR technologies

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Magg4 interviewed VR-Masters on Updates about AR/VR technologies, with the main question being: We are going through a period when the transformation with Industry 4.0 spreads to all areas. Where does VR and AR technology stand? VR-Masters CEO Ali Hantal responded to the above question and follow-ups, where the magazine higlighted this quote: “… shows us that the AR will …

Join us in an immersive 360 Virtual tour of ‘Turkey’s Places to See’

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Turkey has been the home of several historical events of importance and people of many different cultures, even to this day. Therefore the landmarks, places to see and historical heritage sites in the land are best described as abundant. Join us in this tour of several of these sites in true 360 VR Tour.

360 Live Coverage from Educaturk University Selection Expo by VR-Masters

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VR-Masters was the 360 Live Coverage Sponsor for Educaturk University Selection Expo. VR-Masters team also powered Mezun Reality booth with AR & VR presentations this weekend at Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center. In the two day event, 70+ universities met with prospective students and their parents. Six of the seminars were streamed live 360 degrees by the VR-Masters 360 team.

Hasan Kalyoncu University 360 VR Campus Tour

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Hasan Kalyoncu University stands as a strong institution with the purpose of helping with rising of quality human capital required for both the City of Gaziantep and Turkey as a whole in a global world where competitiveness prevails by investing in education. As their next stop towards this goal the University partnered with VR-Masters to produce a high quality 360 …

VR Car Showroom – VR Masters Insider:

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Hello everyone, today we invite you to spend a few minutes with us in our Istanbul office. Above you can join us while our VR engineers are test running a VR project they have been working on recently: An Interactive VR Car Showroom where you can explore the area and interact with the environment, a great example of how VR …