AR Manufacturing & After Solutions Demo Published

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This demo provides a one-for-all approach for our On Asset AR Mixed Reality Manufacturing and Headset AR After Sales Solutions.

The solutions showcased are below:

  1. On Asset Holographic (sensor based real time) Data Visualization Solutions: Field team members monitor the assets more effectively and with less human based errors utilizing our tabler or headset AR solutions
  2. On Asset Holographic Self Assist Solutions: AR Maintenance and AR Personnel Training along with on-the-job self assistance solutions help minimize training costs and human based errors.
  3. On Asset Condition Based Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance Solutions: The alert created by the “Condition based Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance System” that is currently in place is visualized holographically to assist the field team with on-time maintenance before the predicted failure takes place.
  4. Spatial Remote Assist Solution: Our Headset Remote Assist solutions help the organizations for their After Sales Support Services by minimizing travel costs and expert time spent.