360 Video Production

What is a 360 Video?

360 VR video is typically recorded using special camera rigs or multi-lens 360 cameras. Gained footage is then stitched to form a single video by our professional  360 video specialists.

Apart from the newly trending Volumetric Video Capture technology, 360 Videos can be viewed from a single viewpoint.

360 Video is a highly valuable marketing tool for almost every industry there is and with the support of industry leaders like YouTube and Facebook utilizing this technology, it is a rapidly growing potential tool for every brand.

360 Video Solutions

VR-Masters offers high quality 360 Video Production with a highly experienced field and post-productions team and state-of-the-art equipment and are ready to support you for the upcoming Story Telling Revolution !

360 Video Production

360 VR Video & Photo is the mother ship of Captured VR content at the moment, mostly because the technology is here, developed and saturated and big guns like YouTube and Facebook are supporting this type of content for some time now.

We record 360 videos using our 360 camera rigs either on a stable monopod or on a remote controlled car or on a drone.

Standard 360 Video shoot includes one location from 
12 spots and create a 3-5 min 360 video, ready to be published on 
YouTube and Facebook.

The video may include narration, CGI content (Mixed VR); also may be viewed on a smart phone/tablet, Cardboard, Samsung GearVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or any other VR headset.

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