VRM CEO scheduled to speak on “The Approaching Spatial Web Revolution”

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We, at VR Masters, believe that we are at the most exciting times of the known human history since we are about the experience yet another industrial revolution as technologies converge to create a new era. We envision a world where there will be no 2-dimensional screens and instead, the world around us and everything in it including people, objects …

VRM AR Cognitive

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Applications that are offering hybrid Spatial Computing, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence solutions are becoming a bigger part of our lives everyday now. Whether it’s in games, easing up our daily lives or just for marketing purposes,  convergence of these innovative technologies makes it possible to create efficient, cost effective and unique solutions. For you to test a few of …

VR-Masters exhibited in the Microsoft Pavillion at TeknoFest Istanbul

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VRM team exhibited within the Microsoft pavilion at the TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL Aerospace and Technology Festival which took place on Sep 20-23 2018, at the Istanbul New Airport complex. The TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL Aerospace and Technology Festival was organized by the Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3) targeting to showcase Turkey’s rapid advance in technology and to promote technological advances as a national …

Education in Industry 4.0 and Technology Seminar

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The great revolution in technology will profoundly affect our way of education, among the generations and living in the world. What should we expect? How can we clear the uncertainty and the fog perpetrated by this great transformation? How can we benefit from the value and advantages of this technology in education? What are the suggestions that parents can use …

SPOTLIGHT: AR Field Force Tablet Application for Turkcell

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VR-Masters became the first company providing both VR and AR content for Turkcell, Turkey’s largest mobile phone operator, which became the first Turkish company to be listed on NYSE 16 years ago (NYSE:TKC). VR-Masters produced 3 major products for Turkcell, one being a collaborative process where VR-Masters and Turkcell teams together developed a custom “AR Field Force” tablet application for Turkcell’s teams in the …

Basak Tractor Manufacturing Plant 360 VR Tour

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VR-Masters is proud to announce another 360 tour in partnership with another industry giant of Turkey. 360 VR Tour of Sanko Holding’s ‘Başak Tractor’ manufacturing plant was launched on April 15th. Sanko Holding is one of Turkey’s largest holding companies doing business in several industries such as energy, textile, construction and real estate.

VRM at WorldCom Toronto – Technology in Global Communications Conference

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VR-Masters CEO presented on “Riding the Next Disruptive Wave” at the 30th Annual Worldcom Tehcnology in Global Communications Conference in Toronto, May 12th. Riding the Next Disruptive Wave Presented by Ali Hantal, CEO, VR Masters The presentation outlined the Reality-Virtuality spectrum, best-use cases, what we can expect to see from this market in the mid-to-long-term, and recommendations on how to …

Interview with our CEO on Turkish Ministry of Education’s Magazine

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Vr-Masters participated in Turkish Ministey of Education’s Education Technologies Summit this year and an article has just been published on the Ministry’s magazine – Ebabil Magazine (Government’s Official Magazine). The article can be viewed at governmental websites below: http://yegitek.meb.gov.tr/ebabil3/#/0 http://www.eba.gov.tr/dergi?icerik-id=6500

VR Masters is the AR/VR sponsor of Boğaziçi Techsummit this year.

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Boğaziçi Techsummit, organized by COMPEC at Boğaziçi University for the 9th year took place from 23rd to 25th of February and we are proud to be the AR&VR sponsors of the event this year. The event paid homage to 25+ speakers, 8 Workshops, 8 corporate field trips and 300+ visitors and was held at Albert Long Hall in Bogaziçi University. …